This is your break out year, your time to celebrate your accomplishments, your friends, your future and most important, your unique sense of style. 757 Senior Palooza is purposefully planned to celebrate YOU!

Many seniors simply book with the studio affiliated with their school, because it’s simple or they didn’t know they had options. After they had their school picture taken, it was just like all their friends…SAME look and pose; it was just the usual scholastic photo op: SIT. AWKWARD SMILE. Click. “Next.”

757 SENIOR PALOOZA is more than just more of the same. This one-day senior celebration is limited to only 40 high school seniors. That’s it! There are nearly 30,000 high school seniors who graduate each year in Hampton Roads. You are not a number, you are your own person; not like all those who sit, smile and are OK with ordinary.

When your book your 757 Senior Palooza Senior Session, you get a high-speed, high-fashion experience. Your first appointment is with a professional hair stylist then escorted to a professional makeup artist before being escorted to your first of eight photographic sets. Our professional staff ensure you are treated like a super model throughout your shoot.

What sets 757 Senior Palooza apart from just another senior portrait shoot isn’t the supermodel treatment, it’s the fashion magazine style sets that our two professional photographers have created just for your shoot. That’s right, you aren’t just working with one photographer, you are scheduled to shoot with two photographers and you will have multiple outfit changes. No other senior portrait studio is offering 2 photographers, 8 different sets and up to 8 outfit changes.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never modeled. Our award-winning photographers are experts at creating the perfect pose for you! Plus, they work with you so you are having a great time, looking fabulous and helping you show off your style.

Once you’re finished with your shoot, the party is just getting started. You and three of your best friends are invited to attend the real 757 Senior Palooza party! From 7 p.m. – 10 p.m. you and your friends are VIPs walking the Red Carpet to an evening of dancing. This catered party of course isn’t a typical dance party. You will have the choice of three different DJ’s all night.