Senior Portraits Have Changed

Congratulations! Graduating High School is a milestone for your family. Whether it’s your first child or the last of four children, you should celebrate their success. Think about everything you have done to get to this point. From the early mornings getting them ready for school, to the late nights worrying until they returned safely home.

You have seen your child grow over the years. This moment is one of those “forever moments” and is the perfect opportunity for creating a work of art for your family portrait wall. Your senior is going to want something more than a typical school portrait. Your child is one of the growing numbers of high school seniors who are thinking outside of the box for their senior picture.

Let’s face it, we live in the Instagram generation.  Our kids are devoted to “selfies” and get bombarded with digital imagery constantly. The simple cap and gown portrait in front of a solid background just isn’t what our kids expect or want. Senior portraits are going Glam, and 757 Senior Palooza is here to support this changing trend.

What is a 757 Senior Palooza Portrait Session?

We want your child to not only have a great portrait experience but we also support the growing trend of volunteerism. We want to create beautiful portraits that are unique and individualized, but at the same time, we want your senior to support their community. When you book your 757 Senior Palooza senior portrait session, you also pledge with your child to volunteer 8 hours of community service.

During our parent briefing night, you and your child will sign a contract with us that states you will volunteer 4 hours of community service before the shoot and 4 hours of community service before their image reveal. Our community is only as good as those willing to spend a little time improving someone’s life. Because colleges look favorably on community service, we want to be part of your child’s future and will write a referral letter for their community service.

For most seniors, these portraits will never make it into the yearbook. Many schools demand uniformity on those pages, with the academic drape around the shoulders of females and the faux tux front for the guys. Often, the school’s contract with the photo company grants them exclusive rights to shoot the yearbook pictures.

If your teens are anything like ours, they reject uniformity and won’t settle for typical photos, like when we had our senior portraits taken. Our kids want their look, not the same pose offered in front of the same background as required by the school.

Of course, having portraits taken by a professional photographer can get expensive but opting to participate in the 757 Senior Palooza event will save you money because the business model allows for a limited number of seniors during a set event supported by our partners and sponsors. Without them, this event would cost nearly $1,300 per senior, and that is before you had one print created.

If you’re still reading, then you are interested, and we believe in setting the right expectations. The cost for one session is $399. You are giving your senior a once-in-a-lifetime chance at a fashion shoot catered explicitly to them.

Senior Portrait Session $399 –

  • 2 Professional Photographers
  • Professional Hair Stylist
  • Professional Makeup Artist
  • 6 or more Outfit changes
  • 8 Sets
  • Personal Assistant during the shoot
  • VIP Dance Party with 2 DJ’s, can invite three friends at no additional cost. *$10 per additional guest
  • Catered Party
  • Water and snacks during the shoot
  • Custom Designed APP for mobile device
  • Friends or Parent Portrait (Digital File)
  • College Letter of Recommendation after 8 hours of community service completed
  • 1 – 11 x 14 Canvas Print
  • Five digital files to post on social sites
  • Images featured in future 757 Senior Palooza Magazine
  • 50 High-Quality custom photo business cards

Congratulations! You’ve made it this far and are ready to make a decision. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to give us a call at (757) 238-0511. We are more than happy to answer your questions before you book. There are only 40 sessions during this event.